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(City), FL - Children from (organization) are working to give all children a hand as they prepare for Children's Week in Tallahassee. Handprints of all colors, shapes and sizes created by (local participants) are making their way to Tallahassee to kickoff "Children 's Week 2002: Speaking with One Voice for Children."
(Local rally and hand collecting information here.)

The annual "Hanging of the Hands" in Tallahassee will begin Sunday afternoon, January 27, combining (local area) children's hands with thousands from around the state. The hands will hang in the Capitol rotunda for a week as a reminder to the Legislature to consider Florida's children when casting their votes.

Child advocates will gather in Tallahassee on Tuesday, January 29, to speak with one strong voice for children and for the prevention programs that help them. The press conference will feature children and advocates speaking out for the future of Florida's children. Lawmakers are expected to attend. Their handprints will be included with those of the children from their district.

Advocates are challenging the Legislature to make 2002 a good year for children and their families, by addressing these issues:
  • Healthy Children
  • Children Safe in their Families and Communities
  • Children Ready to Learn and Succeed in School
  • Stable and Nurturing Families
  • Economically Self-Sufficient Families
  • Supportive Communities

A copy of Speaking with One Voice for Children - The Florida Agenda is attached. For more information about the Speaking with One Voice for Children - The Florida Agenda, visit the Children's Week web site at

State budget shortfalls are threatening many children's programs and child advocates are asking the public to speak out on behalf of these important issues.

Children's Week is a statewide initiative designed to highlight the issues facing Florida's children and families during the 2002 legislative session and to encourage lawmakers to fund these critical programs. The Children's Week activities are an annual event sponsored by more than 20 of Florida's child advocacy and interest groups throughout Florida.

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