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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and in Florida, it is time to focus on creating a brighter tomorrow by preventing child abuse today. Child Abuse Prevention Month has been observed each April since its first presidential proclamation in 1983. Since that time, individuals and organizations have joined together during April to raise the public's awareness of child abuse prevention and to educate everyone within our communities about what can be done to prevent the tragedy of child abuse.

"It is time for the voices of our most vulnerable population, our children, to be heard," said Stephanie Meincke, former President/CEO of The Family Source of Florida. "It is time that we stand together on behalf of Florida's children and commit to working together to end the nightmare of abuse and neglect in their lives."

While other crime statistics continue to decline nationally, unfortunately, the incidence of child abuse and neglect cases continues to increase. Nationwide, the number of children who are reported abused and neglected each year has risen to nearly three million. In Florida, 85,644 children were verified as having been abused or neglected, in cases closed during 1999/2000.

A report issued last year by Prevent Child Abuse America found 50%of Americans do nothing when they witness child abuse or neglect. "A child is abused or neglected nearly every four minutes in our state," Ms. Meincke said. "It is time to raise the public's awareness of the devastation of child abuse, and encourage each and every Floridian to become involved in preventing it."

In communities throughout the nation, thousands of people are becoming involved in child abuse prevention efforts during April. The Family Source is asking other concerned individuals and organizations across the state to demonstrate their commitment to ending child abuse and neglect by wearing a blue ribbon during Child Abuse Prevention Month in April.

“The Blue Ribbon Campaign is one way that everyone in our community can play a role in child abuse and neglect prevention,” Ms. Meincke said. “Wearing a ribbon is a reminder that child abuse is everyone’s business and we must work together to continue to find solutions.”

The blue ribbon was first used by two grandmothers - one in Virginia and one in Florida to commemorate the deaths of children they loved who were killed by abusive parents. “The ribbons are blue because blue is the color of hope,” Ms. Meincke said.

“We hope everyone in Florida wears a blue ribbon during the month of April - to show their commitment to helping ensure our children grow up safe and loved in communities that work together, making Florida the best place to be a child.”

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For information on how to get your blue ribbon and to learn more about Child Abuse Prevention Month activities, contact: (insert appropriate information here).

In addition to the work we do within Florida’s communities, The Family Source of Florida is dedicated to preventing the increasing incidences of child abuse in Florida by providing services to families, communities and advocacy groups who are taking action to prevent child abuse.

To learn more about the Family Source of Florida, or for free parenting assistance and information, call 1-800-FLA-LOVE, or visit The Family Source website at

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