Insider Tip:
Have general articles on child welfare ready to go for publications that need to 'fill in the gaps.' Be familiar with the publication to get a feel for what - and how - they want to present issues to their readers.
Other print opportunities
   Most newspapers, television and radio stations have numerous opportunities for organizations to post advance notice on events at no charge. Check with each organization for the proper forms and procedures. The forms typically outline submission deadlines and when the information will appear.
   Here is a sampling of the types of forums available in many newspapers (these sections appear specifically in the Tallahassee Democrat, although variations of these appear in papers throughout the country):
   Event Calendars covering recreation and entertainment events, art shows, museum exhibits, organization and government meetings, classes, seminars, self-help and support groups, and professional development opportunities.
   Applause or Good for You forums announce personal and/or organizational accomplishments and can be accompanied by a photograph. Sometimes appear in the Business section or Local news.
   Good Deeds forums recognize local service projects and benevolent gifts. Often accompanied by a photograph.
   Caring Connection forum announces fundraising events for charitable causes.

Organizational newsletters and community magazines
   Don't overlook newsletters of organizations and magazines within your community. Many local groups produce regular newsletters - most are monthly or quarterly. Approach organizations with related missions to see if they are interested in an article from you or your organization for their newsletter. As with newspaper submissions, find out the deadlines, appropriate person to submit items to and any length requirements.
   Remember, most newsletters and magazines will not publish something that has already appeared in another publication. Vary the article each time and try to target the interest and focus of the newsletter's organization. For example, if the organization is a child abuse prevention group and you represent child care, you might explain how these issues are connected.
   Although it is good to link your submissions to current events, also consider topics that are not "time sensitive." Many small publications have limited staff and resources and are eager for material to fill space during slow times. It's good to have a general piece on child welfare to fill the gaps.

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