United Way of Florida

Sponsor of the Florida Success By 6 Partnership

The United Way of Florida (UWOF) office, located in the state capitol, administers the Florida Success By 6 Partnership. The UWOF Board of Governors functions as the Partnership's Leadership Council and local Success By 6 coordinators work through the Council to direct the Partnership's activities. The state level office plays various roles in helping local initiatives achieve success. The office facilitates the development of a statewide Success By 6 "system" that is having a growing impact on the evolution of local approaches to school readiness. Success By 6 offers United Way of Florida the opportunity to present a clear "value-add" to its members.

The United Way of Florida Board of Governors and local United Way Chief Professional Officers meet regularly to discuss statewide United Way issues, exchange information, and promote a common public policy agenda for human services, non-profit operations, volunteer recruitment, and fundraising issues.

For more information, please contact:

Ted Granger, President United Way of Florida/Success by 6 Partnership
307 E. 7th Ave.
Tallahassee, FL 32303


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