Speaking with One Voice for Children

5 Promises to Parents

To Improve Education, It’s Time to Make Five Promises to Parents.

Parents need support in the early care and education of their young children:

  1. Pre-natal and infant health care
  2. Training and education in parenting skills to help them build healthy families
  3. Quality child care and early learning opportunities
  4. Safe and enriching after-school experiences
  5. Access to delinquency prevention programs and services to treat children with problems

Parents Are Still The Key To Success For Children.

Common sense – supported by years of proven research – tells us that if we focus on parents and their children early in life, we’ll get better students, a bigger bang for our education buck, a more productive work force and, down the road, savings in the fight against crime. Children who start behind, stay behind. To be ready for school, children need quality, early care.

Quality Early Care Is Good For Children, Good For Parents, Good For All Of Us.

Help us make and keep these promises to parents...

Florida Children’s Campaign, United Way Success By 6 Campaign

See the brochure here (PDF file format).

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