Advocacy roles:
Which Type of Advocate Are You?
   Advocates play many roles based on their skills, personality, interests and experiences. Which of these roles come naturally for you? By using our strengths, we become more effective advocates.

Defender - fights for the rights of others
Protector - works to keep others from physical or psychological harm
Promoter - works to cause something to happen
Enabler - provides others with the resources they need to achieve their goals
Investigator - searches for facts and information
Mediator - listens to and understands all points of view and remain objective
Supporter - listens and gives acknowledgment to feelings, and needs without passing judgment or giving advice
Monitor - checks periodically to see if things are going according to the plan
Teacher - assists in trying to decide the best possible approach to the situation; provides guidance and instruction as needed


Getting to know your elected officials

Red Bullet Meet one-on-one with your elected officials. Let them know which issues are important to you.
Red Bullet Invite legislators to visit and learn more about your program or organization.
Red Bullet Write letters. Explain your position briefly and persuasively.
Red Bullet Call your elected officials and tell them your opinion on issues important to you. Don't hesitate to talk to an aide or leave a message. Every call counts!

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